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ViaGlobe Healthcare Consultants Are Well Endowed With Cardiology, Cancer, Gastroenterology. Orthopaedic, Neuro & Brain, Fertility, Urology, Spine, And Many More Treatments. We Rapidly Evolving Market Dynamics, Regulatory Forces And Consumer Demands Are Continually Adding New Layers Of Complexity To The Healthcare Industry. Our Understanding Of Each Player Across The Value Chain, Whether A Doctor, Or Our Agents Contributes To Our Ability To Help Manage These Complexities. ViaGlobe Works With Most Reputed Hospitals To Fuel Innovation, Reduce The Cost And Complexity Of Medicos, And Drive Value In Today’s Evolving Market. We Operate As One Practice, With Expertise Across Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology, Healthcare Payers And Delivery Systems, Bringing Diverse And Deep Experience To Every Healthcare Engagement.

Over the years, India has grown to become a top-notch destination for medical value travel because it scores high over a range of factors that determines the overall quality of care. Imagine a complex surgical procedure being done in a world class global hospital by acclaimed medical specialists at a fifth to tenth of what it normally takes! That’s India. From quality of therapy, range of procedural and treatment options, infrastructure and skilled manpower to perform any medical procedure with zero waiting time, the list of benefits of travelling for medical treatment in India are many.